What is a Dental Bridge?

When a missing tooth has plagued your smile, Dr. Nelson has options for you! As a Pasadena dental solution, bridges are beautifully crafted by our dentist and acclaimed ceramist to replace lost teeth. Dr. Nelson uses his background in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry to design bridges that function naturally and look beautiful.

Much like the name implies, a bridge actually “bridges” the gap left behind by missing teeth. The bridge is held securely in place with crowns set on the remaining teeth at either side of the gap. Like a crown, Dr. Nelson’s bridges are designed using high quality metals or porcelain, or a combination of the two. By considering your unique needs in function and aesthetics, Dr. Nelson will select materials that are most suitable for you.

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Bridges by Dr. Nelson provide a variety of advantages:

  • They do not require surgery
  • They restore the ability to eat and speak comfortably
  • They maintain the youthful appearance of the face
  • They prevent remaining teeth from shifting and stabilize the bite
  • They give back the ability to smile confidently

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Dustin Nelson DDS provides a wide range of restorative dentistry services including dental bridges in Pasadena for Los Angeles, Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley.