Gum Contouring

Think of your teeth like priceless pieces of artwork, while your gums act as the beautiful frame that surrounds them. It’s true a frame must be sturdy and functional to hold the art, but also visually complementary to the painting inside it. Without the right frame, even the most exquisite artwork can be compromised.

Offered by Dr. Nelson in Pasadena, gum contouring gently sculpts the frame of your teeth into perfect balance and proportion. Most smiles have slightly more gum tissue on one side than the other. Dr. Nelson’s goal is to recreate the gum line so it is symmetrical, healthy-looking, and enhances the appearance of your smile.

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Soft-tissue lasers make gum contouring an efficient and permanent treatment with little to no pain. Recovery time is minimized as the soft tissue begins healing very shortly after the gum contouring treatment. Using this innovative tool, Dr. Nelson can help you achieve balanced, healthy-looking gums in a quicker and more comfortable way than ever before.

Gum contouring by Los Angeles area dentist Dr. Nelson adds the perfect finishing touch to any smile makeover. Contact our office in Pasadena for gum contouring information or to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

Dustin Nelson DDS provides a wide range of laser dentistry services including gum contouring in Pasadena for Los Angeles, Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley.