Smile Design

Dr. Dustin Nelson is a Smile Dentist

Ever wondered how Hollywood stars got their amazing smiles? Not all of them were born with such flawless teeth, and just like them you can achieve an amazing Hollywood smile! If you have healthy teeth and gums and would like to makeover your smile, cosmetic dentist in Pasadena Dr. Nelson can help.

Depending on your unique needs, perfecting your smile may mean repairing chipped or damaged teeth, closing gaps between the teeth, or finding a more symmetrical balance in the gum line. By carefully assessing your desires, personality, physical features, and the current condition of your mouth, Dr. Nelson will create a series of cosmetic treatments aimed to accomplish your ideal smile.

Stunning smiles make a fabulous first impression. What does yours say about you?

Your smile design plan will be as unique as you are, including as few or many cosmetic refinements needed to give you the smile you’re after. Cosmetic services Dr. Nelson may use to make over your smile include:

What can you look forward to after your smile has been made over? Above all, a boost in confidence and improvement in your quality of life!

“Patients find themselves practicing their smile in the mirror, which is something they’ve probably never done before. I consider that a huge leap in self confidence. A lot of people see an improvement in their personal relationships because they get noticed!”- Dr. Nelson, cosmetic dentist in Pasadena

It takes more than a cosmetic dentist to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile — it takes an artist, and Dr. Nelson is just the artist you need! With decades of experience, advanced training in modern treatments and technologies, and a passion for beautiful smiles, you can trust that your dental smile is in good hands. Contact our office to schedule your smile design consultation today.

Dustin Nelson DDS is a cosmetic dentist in Pasadena providing a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services including smile design in Pasadena for Los Angeles, Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley.