Patient Care Liaison

Exceptional Pasadena dental care depends on an exceptional team. Our team is comprised of highly-trained professionals, including Linda, our Patient Care Liasion and Hygienist. For patients looking for maximum comfort and amazing results, Dr. Nelson’s practice brings dental care to the next level.

Linda, Patient Care Liasion and Dental Hygienist

Linda Tang seems to always be happy and energetic. She joined Dr. Nelson in 1996 as his primary registered dental hygienist. Since that time, she has also become his patient care liaison.

Linda and our entire staff can’t wait to meet you! Schedule your appointment today.

She is an expert in assisting Dr. Nelson with cosmetic and surgical treatment planning.

With her extensive knowledge of all of the most recent treatment options, she offers a wealth of information to new and existing clients who are seeking insightful information regarding the most up-to-date dental care. Linda loves to take clients under her “Wings”, to insure they get the best information and the most comfortable and quality dental care in Pasadena.